Commission On Youth (COY)


Fundraising initiative by Commission On Youth tentatively set for launching on August 20, 2017.       

Mechanics of the Fund Raising: My Little Generosity for God’s Majesty…



  • Daily pledge of 5, 10, 15…. Or any amount donor is willing to pledge… for 60 days deposit inside a bottle

  • Renewable for another 30 days thereafter

  • Collectible on a monthly basis

  • Remittance to office within 3 days, reporting EOM


  • Children, kids, MWE, DEvCom, basically those who are willing but can only afford little.

When    :              Aug 5, 2017

Where   :              PPP (announcement)

Target   :              630,000

Project Period    : 12 months



  • Initial announcement before/after mass for 1st Sunday to explain idea. Thereafter, spread via word of mouth, bulletins, announcement, etc…

  • Donors will fill up pledge form and drop in drop box. Gets bottle with unique series as pledge form.


Pet name: (for reporting to the public)Series


Contact details:

Pledge amount:

Date start:

  • Ate Nette encodes and monitors collection date

  • On the 30th day, donor will receive a text message stating end of 30 days and due for collection. They will be informed that a YIC bearing authorized ID to collect will come at proposed time and date and issue AR.

  • On collection date, YIC counts donation and issues AR countersigned by donor.

  • YIC remits the donation and Ate Nette within 24 hours

  • Ate Nette encodes and remit the same to office within 48 hours

  • EOM reporting.


29th Day Text Message:

Hi! This is COY of PPP. Please be reminded of the end of 30 days tomorrow, (date/day) at around (time). A YIC, bearing an official ID will come to visit your home to collect your donation and issue an AR. Please countersign the AR as an agreement to the amount your donation. Please confirm your proposed availability on the proposed schedule. Thank you and God bless!



The person whose name and picture appears at the front of this identification card is recognized by Padre Pio Parish community as having authority to collect donations for the “My Little Generosity for God’s Majesty.”

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